How Can A Sexless Marriage Be Survived Without Cheating?

How Can A Sexless Marriage Be Survived Without Cheating?

Dec 24, 2021, 12:04:19 PM Life and Styles

Exciting, meaningful, healthy, and frequent sex is considered one of the most important aspects of a relationship. So much so that sometimes couples emphasize it and indulge in regular sex even when it is not fun. Eventually, the monotony of unenjoyable sex reduces in frequency and intensity, and a relationship or a marriage becomes sexless with time. This problem is far more typical than you think and if you are also going through a sexless phase, there are various effective ways to fix a sexless life.   


Here are some tips that will help you sail through a sexless phase in your relationship or marriage: 


Have an open conversation about your dry spell  

A majority of issues in a relationship can be solved by simply talking about it. The same is true with the problems regarding physical intimacy. Talk to your partner about what you are going through. Whether you are a pursuer (the one who seeks sex in a relationship), or a distancer (the one who has moved away from sexual desire), sharing your feelings is one of the best ways to fix a non-sexual relationship. Tell them why things have fallen out of place, what you look forward to when things go back to normal, etc.  


Think of the consequences of cheating seems like an attractive option  

People in a sexless relationship/marriage often desire to hook up or have a casual affair to add some excitement to their lives. But think of the consequences that come with having an affair. It might add sexual pleasure to your life, but it will only be temporary. Two people coming together can never be devoid of expectations and it can add more complexity to life. Besides, it will sabotage your existing relationship. Measure the pros and cons before you jump into anything risky.  


Indulge in some self-pleasure  

Most married couples or couples in a long-term relationship forget that it is also important to prioritize their needs. And self-pleasure is one of them. If you are in a relationship without sex, then self-pleasure can satisfy your partner's physical needs that are somehow not being fulfilled. Order a  and have a good time all by yourself. There is nothing wrong with it. Physical needs require proper attention and you have the right to indulge yourself with some kinky fun.   

Create quality experiences with your partner  

Many couples emphasize quantity rather than quality and ruin each other's expectations. With time, the frequency of making out will naturally reduce. There is no need to hit the panic button for that. Rather, invest in gaining quality experience with your partner. One night of real connection that surpasses physical intimacy is far better than days of meaningless sex. You are most likely to remember one good night than many forgetful ones.   

Focus on mutual respect and emotional connection  

Two people come together for a reason. They are either emotionally compatible or have immense respect for each other, or both. In either case, there is a lot more in a relationship than just physical intimacy, and concentrating on that is yet another way of surviving a sexless marriage without cheating. Many couples have a great sex life, but everything rosy ends in bed. A sexless relationship where the two respect each other is far better than an amazing sex relationship without respect or emotional connection.   

Travel often  

One of the most common challenges couples face is the monotony of life. Be it pursuing a career, fulfilling personal and family responsibilities, or simply going about life in general, there is hardly any time to take your mind off these things. Travelling will not only break that monotony but also give you time to think. Plan a trip that gives you time to regroup yourself. Whether you choose to go on a solo trip or with your partner, travelling can bring mental peace and give you a chance to think of ways to rectify the issues in your relationship.   


A sexless relationship is not as bad as people tend to make it. Until you have respect for each other and find an emotional connection with your partner, there is no need to overemphasize the need for sex. There are several ways of rectifying things, and cheating is not one. It only makes things worse. Rather, concentrate on the positives and try to reignite the fire by expanding the definition of sex. Making love isn't only about penetration. It is about the pleasure that can also be achieved by using sex toys. Once you get past the limited and structured definition of sex, there is a lot to it than what you've known. And this can make a huge difference in the way you approach sex in your relationship.   

Published by Rahul Pandey

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