How Cultivators can Prepare for a Cannabis Harvest

How Cultivators can Prepare for a Cannabis Harvest

Sep 5, 2021, 10:41:54 AM Life and Styles

Harvesting is one of the most crucial aspects of weed growing. Any improper action during the harvesting can water down all the stellar work you had put in when preparing the land, collecting the seeds, and even the other input like fertilizers. 

However, with the right harvesting, you preserve the quality while ensuring you get the most out of your investment. If you are looking for the right harvesting period then preparation is key. Here is how to prepare for the cannabis harvest. 


One of the most common questions among growers is, when is the perfect time to harvest cannabis? You need to have to master timing for the best quality output. There are various ways to determine if cannabis is ready for picking. Some of the traditional ways involve looking at the trichrome to establish if they turn color from clear to amber. You can also see the weather patterns and temperatures. 

While these traditional options can serve you well, they are not the perfect way to establish harvesting time. The best option is to use data-driven timing. Send a batch of the cannabis to a lab to test the potency. The ideal time to harvest is when the cannabis has a 22% THC level or more. The testing ensures the THC is neither too low nor too much for the perfect cannabis product making. 


Once you have established the cannabis is ready, the next step is to look for the best way to harvest within the shortest time possible. To ease the process, most growers tend to defoliate the plants while still alive. This helps reduce time spent on harvesting as it removes moisture from the stems. 

The other option to ease the process is by flushing the plants a week before the harvesting to get rid of nutrients build-up on the plant. This is also the time to check your local region’s laws regarding cannabis harvesting.

When growing a single strain, you can opt to harvest all the plants at the same time as they will mature at the same point. However, if you have different strains then you have to understand their specific growth cycle. Only harvest the ripe ones as established from the lab results. 

Setting up the equipment for harvesting

To harvest, you need to bring all the needed equipment. Some of these are; scissors for trimming the buds, pruners for the bigger branches, a clean surface, a comfortable chair, proper clothes, and a lit playlist for entertainment. 

Tips for  a successful harvesting 

Once you have everything in place, proceed to the harvesting. Here are some of the tips for successful harvesting. 

  • Harvest when the temperatures are low. For example, in the morning for outdoors-grown cannabis. This helps avoid fatigue from the direct sunlight. 
  • Avoid nutrient buildup on the plant by watering the plant while avoiding any other input a week before the harvesting.
  • Wear appropriate clothing that is easy to clean in case it gets dirty.
  • Have sharp scissors and pruners for faster cutting. 

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