Is Tennis Racquet Overgrip Needed?

Is Tennis Racquet Overgrip Needed?

Dec 21, 2021, 11:27:54 AM Sport

Initially, one may not give the tennis racquet overgrip any consideration. Until they started playing regularly and bought their own racquet and started having sweaty hands, they had no way of knowing if they were necessary. But if you are still undecided on purchasing the best tennis overgrip for sweaty hands, you should consider reading this blog.

So, what is a tennis racquet overgrip?

A tennis overgrip is an additional layer of cushioning that you may purchase and place to the grip of your racket. When they wear out, they may be replaced with new ones. Whether you desire a more cushioned grip, a sticky grip, or a sweat-absorbing grip is up to you.

It saves your original grip from getting damaged

It is possible that you are undecided. It is an extra cost, and it takes time to implement. Do casual or weekend players really need to have this?

Overgrip is such a thing that every professional player uses. So it is something that you should employ as well, even if you are just starting out. 

Due to the racquet's original factory grips being extremely firm and thin, tennis players often choose for an overgrip. They are prone to damage and might be expensive to repair. To save the original grip, use an overgrip instead of replacing it.

Is there a good reason to employ overgrip?

As for your tennis racquet, do you need an overgrip to keep it secure? Yes. In order to retain the original grip, add extra cushion, absorb perspiration, and prevent the racquet from slipping in your hands, an overgrip is essential.

  • Overgrip is a shining exception to the rule in a game where items are rarely inexpensive. The cost of overgrip is normally low. Thus most individuals will not have a problem with it. Keep the original grip below intact at an average price of $1 to $3 per grip.
  • It Ensures That Your Grip Lasts a Longer Time. It significantly extends the life of your grip. Gripping the racket is not something you will really touch while you are playing tennis. It can be used for as long as you desire.
  • In terms of Sweat Absorption, they are better. As a general rule, factory-installed grips are not very good at soaking up perspiration. Overgrip, on the other hand, is a common occurrence. It is a simple solution if you notice that your hands sweat a lot while playing.
  • Overgrip can be used to increase the size of your handle if you find that it is too small for your taste. It is possible to alter the thickness of your grip by using this device. Overgrips can be layered on top of each other if you feel that you need an extra cushion or thickness.

Overgrip is something that every professional player does, and it is something that you should employ as well, even if you are just starting out. 

Overgrips should be replaced on a regular basis

The Overgrip is so easy to use and so inexpensive that you may change it out whenever you want. Generally speaking, you should replace it if you see any rips or if the stickiness or cushioned sensation diminishes. Players also prefer to replace the overgrip if it becomes too soiled.

Playing with such a grip ensures that you are constantly playing with a grip that feels just right for you. The frequency with which you replace your tennis overgrip will depend on your own choice.

The good news is that there is no right or wrong way to do it. You will probably know when it is time to replace your overgrip immediately away. Every four-six hours of gameplay is a good rule of thumb to keep in mind.

What is the typical player's frequency of changing overgrips?

 Some people may leave it on for up to a month. Even a couple of times a week could be too much for some players. 

It is common for tennis players to maintain an additional packet in their luggage at all times. As we go over how to apply an overgrip below, you will see how easy it is to do at any time. In the end, the replacement schedule for the overgrip is up to you.

Published by Rahul Pandey

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