What treatments do Chiropractor offers?

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What treatments do Chiropractor offers?

Dec 25, 2021, 2:32:15 PM Life and Styles

Chiropractors help in providing relief from body pains and nervous system irritation. The chiropractic treatment is based on the central idea that if there is a perfect alignment of the musculoskeletal body structure then the body shall have the ability to heal itself and eliminate the pain or nervous system irritation [2]. 

Therefore the Chiropractor aims to understand your body structure and removes structural or nervous system issues by aligning the body structure perfectly. In this way, you can get relief from body back pain, neck pain, muscular strains, headaches, etc. Book your appointment with best chiropractors in Noida

What do you get from Chiropractic care?

Chiropractic treatment helps to get relief from the pain of muscles, bones, joints, nervous system irritation, and connective tissues. Sometimes along with conventional medical treatment doctors may use chiropractic treatment for getting relief from pain. 

Chiropractic treatment is highly useful in the following:

  • Low back pain treatment.
  • Neck pain treatment
  • Tension headaches
  • Headaches due to Migraine
  • Pain in joints of Shoulder or Knee
  •  Sacroiliac Joint treatment
  • Sports injuries treatment 

Benefits of Chiropractor treatment:

  • It helps in removing structural irritation and nervous system irritation that cause back pain. Thus, it gives relief from back pain without seeking surgery or medication. 
  • In some cases, acute back pain effective treatment is achievable with chiropractor treatment.
  • Spine and nervous system irritations are mainly due to the derangement of structural and biomechanical aspects of the spine. This treatment helps in the proper arrangement and alignment of the spine structure and eliminates nervous system issues. [2] 
  • This treatment is safe and effective for lower back pain treatment. Moreover, for many pains, this treatment helps in reducing pressure on the neurological sensitive tissue, aligns the spine structure, and thus improves the health of the patient. 

Various Treatment offered

Chiropractor begins the treatment by first gaining all the insights on the patients’ medical condition. This begins through questioning, lab diagnostic tests, and physical examinations of the patient. Based on the understanding of the patient's structural arrangement chiropractor applies chiropractic adjustments to the concerned area. The chiropractor can apply these chiropractic adjustments either manually or with the help of specific instruments [2].

Various techniques used in Chiropractic treatment are: 

  • Heat and cold therapies: Chiropractor uses heat and ice packs for treating back pain. Ice pack numbs the area and heat pack restores the blood flow. Both these thus help in restoring the proper blood flow and enhancing the healing process [2].
  • Physical exercises: Some patients are given instructions and demo for exercises. For example exercises for stretching, strengthening muscles, etc. All this helps to enhance joint and muscular mobility. 
  • Massage therapy: Soft tissue massages helps in enhancing blood flow in the affected area. Due to proper blood flow swelling and pain reduces causing healing from back pain.
  • Ultrasound therapy: Mild sound waves of ultrasound help in creating deep heat therapy suitable for soft tissues and joints. This therapy decreases stiffness, reduces back pain, and improves blood circulation. All together it helps in quick healing. 
  • Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulators (TENS): TENS makes use of electrodes for creating an electrical stimulation at the affected area. This helps in blocking the pain transmission signals along the nerves. It also helps in releasing endorphins that act like natural body painkillers. All together the patient gets relief from pain and the body heals quickly [3]. 
  • Roller Traction Massage: Patient lies upon slowly moving rollers. This helps in providing a slow massage to the back area and stretches the muscles of the back. Other devices to stretch the spine, reduce the nerve root pressure and decompress the spinal discs are also used. In this way, this therapy provides relief from back pain [3]. 
  • Nutritional Counselling and management: Proper diet plan helps in taking a good diet that enhances body blood circulation, reduces overweight thereby bringing down the stress on muscles and joints, and boosts immunity. All together proper diet helps in enhancing the healing process of the body.
  • Posture guidance and education: The chiropractor gives proper guidance to the patient regarding the best ways to do daily activities. This guidance includes diet changes, self-care programs, lifestyle changes, exercises and things to avoid. 
  • Pelvic stabilization service: A chiropractor may help you in pelvic stabilization through heel lift in shoes and corrective support adjustment methods. 
  • Radiation & Laser therapy: Infrared radiation therapy help in understanding the blood flow at the affected area. Then through massage, electrical therapies, or laser therapies, the blood flow is improvised. Cold laser therapy helps in decreasing swelling and enhancing blood circulation [3]. 

Chiropractors can use many other techniques solely or in combination with the sole purpose to provide relief from pain and enhance the healing process. The choice of the technique depends on the condition of the patient. Some of these treatments may be used in conjunction with other treatments [2]. 

At GoPT India physiotherapy center you can get the best Chiropractor pieces of advice and services from experienced professionals. Our treatment aims to bring back a smile on your face by giving you relief from your pain.  


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