Facts in Jubilee Hills Land Scam -NTV Chairman T. Narendra Chowdary

 NTV Chairman Narendra Chowdary Tummala

Facts in Jubilee Hills Land Scam -NTV Chairman T. Narendra Chowdary

Facts in Jubilee Hills Land Scam - NTV Chairman Narendra Chowdary Tummala


In Hyderabad City , the capital of Telangana state , Jubilee Hills is the the most expensive area which is owned by famous companies including celebrities? That too There was an allegation against Narendra Chowdary Tummala ,the chairman of NTV and Bhakthi TV , who is also the ex president of Jubilee Hills Society saying that a Land scam took place in the The Jubilee Hills Cooperative House Building Society . Is that allegation True Or is there any conspiracy behind the alllegations ? This is a key debate among political leaders, including the Jubilee Hills Society.

This is the allegation….

It is a well known fact that Tummala Narendra Chowdary, the head of Ntv Bhakti TVs, was the president of Jubilee Hills Cooperative Housing Society. Usually even in the small housing societies, we keep hearing accusations saying something wrong has happened. There is nothing to surprise if we hear such kind of accusations in such a large community like Jubilee hills Society where many celebrities use to reside. It is rumored that Narendra Chowdhury was involved in land grabbing along with Hanumantrao, who was the secretary during his tenure in Jubilee Hills Society. Some persons whoever intentionally want to Target Ntv Chairman, Narendra Chowdary Tummala are missing out a base logic that “is it possible to do such a big land scam in Jubilee Hills Society where ,Many IAS Dignitaries, lawyers, leaders, top officials and celebrities being the members in it.

Are there any valid answers for these questions??

·      When did this land grab actually take place?

·      Then why was the so called scam does not come into lime light previously ?

·      Does it mean that even the panel members ignored this scam even after knowing about it?

·      Or else the only reason for not interfering into it any further is knowing the real truth that all the allegations regarding land scam were false ?

·      Why has this unprecedented occupation affair just come to light?

·      Is there a strategy behind this to discredit Tummala Narendra Chowdary, the Chairman of Ntv &Bhakti TV channels?

·      Are they trying to portray the former head of the Society as a villain by slandering him?

·      Is there any conspirators behind this conspiracy of intentionally framing these kind of false allegations.

·      What is the motive behind simply filing a case by not providing any evidential proofs ?

·      Where did this scam has gone previously and why did it rouse out all of sudden just now?

·      For the purchase and sale transactions that took place a long back, is there any valid point in filing a case now?

·      is It a part of a conspiracy to discredit him, who had such a good reputation?

  Many such questions remain unanswered.

This is the profile of the former President of the Society..

Tummala Narendra Chaudhary, head of Ntv Bhakti TV channels, who was the former president of Jubilee Hills Co-operative Housing Society till the last term, has both respect and leverage in the society. He is even revered by many intellectuals, politicians and laymen alike. He was also very well known as a godly man with a social responsibility. By adding a social service perspective to his business efficiency, He has continued to do his part in many personality development and social awareness programs. For Some people they find all these things hard to digest.


Good name in the society!

Even during his tenure as a president for Jubilee Hills society ,Ntv Chairman Narendra Chowdary Tummala has undertaken many development projects and social awareness projects for a good cause. He filled the entire Jubilee Hills with greenery. He turned Jubilee Hills Housing Society into a community surrounded with best greeneries in the entire city. He resolved many disputes among neighboring plot Holders in the Jubilee Hills Society with his calmness & Gentleness . He has taken many stringent Protective measures with Strict security arrangements within the Society itself to ensure the protection for the plots of NRI plot holders who have settled down in United states of America. After doing many such good things , He kept himself away from competing this time with the intention of giving newcomers a chance. All these bad propaganda seems to be a part of a conspiracy done by some people who are intentionally working with only motive to discredit him, who had such a good reputation.










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