How is SEEK COIN Different From Other Cryptocurrencies

How is SEEK COIN Different From Other Cryptocurrencies

Dec 28, 2021, 11:03:19 AM Business

The crypto market is good for two things - investing and trading. When trading cryptocurrencies, you can make quick but small returns by frequently buying and selling coins. Investing, on the other hand, is a long-term activity with the potential to pay much higher returns from the slow and steady appreciation in the coins’ price over time. Holding is another term people commonly use to refer to long-term investing. While most cryptocurrencies are good for day trading, the SEEK COIN is ideal for long-term holding.

What is SEEK COIN?

SEEK COIN is a deflationary, decentralized cryptocurrency that pays you real-time dividends for holding the coins. The only thing you need to do is acquire and Hold the SEEK COIN.

The SEEK COIN is created as the native cryptocurrency for the SEEK ECOSYSTEM. It is a BEP-20 coin created on the Binance blockchain.

SEEK COIN Vs. Other Cryptocurrencies

Most cryptocurrencies in the market work on a buy and sell mechanism, where you buy the coin and wait for the price to increase (hopefully) so that you can sell it to make a profit. The SEEK COIN is different. The coin has the potential to grow its value over time through a meticulously crafted supply-demand mechanism, (reduce the supply through burns to increase the demand). So, compared to most other coins, the SEEK COIN has a higher potential to grow with time.

In the meantime, while you wait for the value of your holdings to increase, the SEEK ECOSYSTEM will pay you dividends in real-time for every transaction that occurs in the system. That’s a major difference between the SEEK COIN and most other cryptocurrencies. The SEEK ECOSYSTEM pays you regular, real-time dividends for simply holding its native coin.

SEEK COIN has been developed with the aim of giving a realistic and stable source of income through cryptocurrencies. At the same time, it will make it easier for average people to get on board with cryptocurrency by giving a reliable way to acquire crypto and earn from it.

SEEK COIN is different from many cryptocurrencies already available in the market, as it offers a realistic and genuine way to earn from crypto as opposed to the Buy, Hold & HOPE scheme of other crypto projects. Instead of just the hope of increased value, the SEEK ECOSYSTEM gives them an actual, verified method of earning by purchasing and holding crypto. Here’s how!

SEEK COIN enthusiasts who purchase coins with the intention of holding them will start receiving dividends in real-time on every transaction that occurs in the system from the first day of their transaction. That’s it! You do not have to do anything else. Just acquire and hold SEEK COIN to continue receiving real-time dividends in your wallet on every transaction that occurs in the system. The longer and more coins you hold, the more dividends you receive.

Another major difference between other cryptocurrencies and the SEEK COIN is that it is a deflationary coin, i.e. The coin supply is designed to reduce with time. For every transaction, the SEEK ECOSYSTEM will burn some coins (5% of the transaction value) to decrease the total supply, which will increase the demand enabling holders’ greater earnings.

Acquire SEEK COIN today and start earning dividends. Visit for details.

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