6 Questions To Ask When Renting A Car

6 Questions To Ask When Renting A Car

Oct 25, 2021, 1:58:48 PM Opinion

Be it Audi, Ferrari, Kia, or any other car of your preferred choice, there are some questions to ask a car rental service provider when renting a car in Dubai. Instead of rushing into a decision and regretting it later, it is always wise to clear these queries that, as a customer, you may have. 

1- When should I return the car? 

Every customer needs to know when to return the car as several rental companies charge extra bucks for dropping you late. This means, if the rental vehicle is not returned with the prescribed time limit, the rental company can take additional charges depending on the number of hours it has exceeded. Although most car rental companies may allow you a grace period of thirty minutes, this can be risky. 

2- How much will I actually pay for the rental?

 For most rent a car Dubai companies, the rates are declared right on their official websites. The rental charges, the tax, pick up and drop off fees, and other related charges are all mentioned there. So, instead of getting surprised at the final cost, it is better to get a quote from the car rental company.


3- Do I require extra insurance? 

The staff at the rental company counter may offer you insurance but definitely at an extra cost. However, if you have a credit card covering auto or motor insurance, you will be saved from the additional charges that the rental company might otherwise take. Another rental insurance alternative is car insurance. This will cover the rental cost, thereby lowering the total cost. 

4- What should I do when the car develops a mechanical problem during the rental period?

This is a sensible question as you may face an accident while going to or coming back from the destination. In case of a mishap, you need to look out for emergency contacts. Gather the toll-free number of the car rental agency and know the procedures that you need to follow. If the present car has broken down, the car rental company will send you a second car to return safely after getting the information. 

5- What are the terms and conditions of the rental car?

After you rent a car from a rental company, you will be handed down a brochure that will detail the terms and conditions of the company. Go through all of them thoroughly. Remember, reading the car rental company's rules will help you clarify the do's and don'ts.


6- Where should I keep the car rental contract? 

The car rental contract you get from the company plays a vital role as it highlights the rental ownership and the required other details. The agreement also has vehicle registration and additional legal information that cannot be missed out. 


Therefore, it is worth asking these questions and clearing all doubts before renting a car. None of us want problems to crop up with the rental company later on.

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