Why Trump's supporters will support him through thick and thin.

Why Trump's supporters will support him through thick and thin.

Aug 29, 2017, 2:11:43 AM Opinion

‘You’re Fired!’, proclaimed Donald Trump long before he even considered running for the American Presidency, on the sets of the Apprentice. Ironically, the same words are coming back to haunt him after more than a dozen prominent executive branch aides were ousted, were made to resign, or were forced to switch jobs. From the National Security Advisor to the White House Communications Director, from the Deputy Attorney General to the Director of the FBI, no one was able to hang on long enough to the Administration, which appears to be into a state of disarray. The entire Manufacturing and Arts Council has resigned, and simultaneously, Trump’s approval rating is falling at a rapid pace – it appears that the captain himself is losing control of his ship. With no successful legislation and with almost zero progress on the “big and beautiful wall”, the situation does look dire for Mr. Trump. And oh! Of course after the Charlottesville crisis, people would be mad enough to still support him, right? Wrong! Well, it appears that we still have not understood the popular paranoia and anger which made a grandiose real estate mogul the President of the United States.

First of all, let me throw around a bunch of statistics which will give you an entirely different perspective into the kind of support Trump is enjoying right now. And just to remind you, all these figures are from after the Charlottesville incident. 82% of Republicans approve of Trump’s ‘performance’ according to Gallup’s weekly averages (though it is hard to find out if he even performed or not!). And according to a poll conducted by Quinnipiac University around 80% of the same group feel that Trump and the White House is more trustworthy than the mainstream media outlets. These numbers are sure disorienting: here we’re talking about Impeachment and suddenly these numbers pop up suggesting that Trump’s grip over his core supporter base is stronger than ever! It seems like the ‘silent majority’ is still with the President. And there are good reasons they will not be deserting him anytime soon.


Whatever you may call President Trump – he’s not foolish. He knows that his supporter base did not vote him in expecting him to perform. He was voted into the Presidency because of the ideals he stood for. He won because he was on the other side. The side which was ignored by the liberal establishment, and bashed by the liberal mainstream media. He stood for the old, “glorious” America. He stood for a white America. He stood for an America which prospered as the world burned in fire. This cause championed all those people who secretly revered these ideals, but could not speak out loud, fearing the establishment and the media.

The “Make America Great Again” motto wasn’t some random bluster. It was a carefully designed phrase to tap into the memories of a romanticized America – and it apparently worked. People don’t care what Trump does or does not do. What they care about is does Trump understand them? And Trump’s reply is: “We’re gonna drain the swamp in Washington. You and me. Together. We’ll Make America Great Again folks!” Enough said!

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