It is amusing how your independence turns into dependence because of one person. That person can be family, friend or any other loved one. You live your life expecting that you’ll be free forever but eventually things changes. Thing you had hated for eternity is what you opt gladly. Your mood, choices, lifestyle and attitudes changes to please that person. Their happiness becomes primary whereas yours becomes secondary. Your life changes in an instance and everything becomes the other person. Your life is dependent on the other one as you feel obligated to keep them happy and their happiness gives you infinite pleasure. This dependence feels so exquisite that it becomes part of your personality.
Some people are lucky whereas some suffers because of this dependence. The sufferers are so because they usually crave reciprocation. They fail to understand that reciprocation is not controllable just like their feelings were not in control of them initially. The other reason is mainly non-acceptance, people opts to be ignorant to avoid the guilt of being dependent on someone.
However, I believe that if a person learns to accept their feelings as well as feelings of others, most of their sufferings eventually fades from their lives. It is more important to respect your own feelings rather than others respecting your feelings.

Published by Ramsha Tahir

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