Various kinds of locks

Various kinds of locks

Sep 28, 2020, 1:21:06 PM Tech and Science

The classic ‘lock and key’ are as old as mankind. The ancients used locks and keys to secure temples, palaces and tombs and modern man is using locks to this day. This is because they work and will continue to do so. Lock types are immensely varied and come in many different styles, materials and forms. Some locks are very basic and fill the need for minimal security. Other locks are more advanced and can be better built and harder to bypass. All locks are designed for one thing; to provide protection and security for someone or something. Here at Longmont Locksmith we take the business of locks and keys seriously. In fact, we have dedicated our lives and careers to providing full service locksmith care and products to the local Longmont, CO community.

You get what you pay for (mostly).

We don’t mean to imply that only expensive locks are good. Plenty of high priced lock hardware is practically worthless. Poorly made and poorly installed locks are almost worthless and only give the impression of security and protection. On the other hand, don’t make the assumption that a lock is a lock is a lock! Even a cheap lock can be better than nothing; but not much. Poor quality locks are easy to bypass. You can pick them open or pry them right off. Locks can be shot open, bumped open, smashed open and even blasted off. It’s best to always use good quality locks when guarding your loved ones and valuables. Stick with good brands of lock makers including trusted names like Medeco, Baldwin, Abloy, Kwikset, Schlage, Master, Sentry, American, Von Duprin, Dexter, Yale, Fichet, ASSA, Ace, Llco, Primus, InstaKey, BiLock and others of equal caliber.

Call around!

Do a little research on your own and find out more about the locks that you are thinking of getting. You are always welcome to call our shop, but if you don’t live in the local area, find a full service locksmith shop in your town that offers free price quotes and complimentary consultations on their various services and lock hardware options. Keep in mind that the locks you are having installed are to protect your property, loved ones and valuables. That alone makes them worth the small effort it takes to find out more about the. A good, full service locksmith shop will offer their advice, expertise and guidance so that you can make a more educated buying decision and not one based on low price or snap judgement. There are simply too many kinds of locks to be listed here in one post so we are going to highlight just a few.

High security locks

These impressive sounding locks really are impressive! They can’t be pried or smashed open. For that matter they can’t be picked or even shot open. This is due to their extra strong solid steel construction and parts. They are impervious to infamous lock bumping techniques and are weather resistant and can last for decades. Surprisingly, these high security locks are not pricey and your trusted locksmith technician can install them at home or at your business.

The common deadbolt is not considered an exciting lock. While not impregnable, a strong deadbolt can go a long way towards securing your home or business property against unwanted intruders, home invaders and burglars. One note of caution though; in order for a deadbolt to work; it must be used! There’s no sense in having a good deadbolt lock if it isn’t applied. Your locked deadbolt can buy you extra time to call police or even to arm yourself if an intruder managed to bypass or pick your main door lock. Most all intruders want easy pickings and don’t want risk or hassle getting inside your property. They will usually give up and move on to another house or store before trying to bypass your deadbolt lock as well.

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