Always another hurdle!

One thing that's always bothered me about life is how unfair it is. The older I've grown the thing that starts to bother me more is the amount of privileged people who don't understand how unfair the world. 

We live in a society where social status, race and gender still defines our success. Those at the bottom have to work three times as hard to get half of what those at the top have. 

This is something I've found frustrating in my own life.

I'm 23, married and a mother of a beautiful boy. Finishing college and getting a degree has NOT been easy. 

I'm a minority, a woman and I grew up in a household that lives below the poverty line. I didn't have access to the same things my fellow private christian school classmates did. I had to work hard to maintain good grades all while struggling with family issues and being on and off the streets.

Now that I have the opportunity to complete my degree, something several members of my family never had the opportunity to do, It's obstacle after obstacle. 

Finding money for school, finding jobs to sustain my family and I while also maintaining grades to maintain scholarships to afford school. 

Then I find myself having to fight stereotypes and generalizations based on my race and gender. Opportunities they may have been available to me had I been a white male are now out of the question. 

Many of the students around me have families with stabile financial backgrounds to provide them with emotional and financial support through school.

I, on the other hand, have no family to support me besides my husband and baby boy, and I have to earn a paycheck in order to eat let alone attend class. 

When reflecting on what I've had to go through just to graduate High School let alone attend college it frustrates me. What's worse is when I come across those who truly believe we are all granted the same opportunities. 

Those who have never starved a day of their lives, been without a home, or have been neglected by their own family members. Those who didn't grow up in this society poor, black and female. 

In order to grow as a society we have to be willing to be honest about how our society functions. 

Those raised in an affluent household will have more access and opportunities to get a stabile job and therefore be able to afford a quality education and build a career. 

Many of those like me, raised in poverty rarely get access to those opportunities... we are too busy just trying to survive. 

Let us become aware of the disparities our fellow humans suffer through and instead of blaming them for their lives, help lift them up. 


Published by Raneisha Stassin

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Aug 13, 2016, 1:01:41 PM

Thank you for reading and being able to relate! I live in a mostly white area and hear these types of things often. It's quite frustrating!

Aug 12, 2016, 4:08:42 PM

"What's worse is when I come across those who truly believe we are all granted the same opportunities." These people drive me absolutely bonkers. And given that I come from a very privileged, mostly white town, I've run into a lot of them. And don't even get me started on my distant family. I truly feel like stories, true to life human stories, are the only chance there is for making other's see just how different and complex people's lives are, so, thank you for sharing yours. :)

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