The Unpopular Black Woman

The Unpopular Black Woman

Being a black woman is hard. I've thought about ways to express my frustration but it's as simple as that. It's hard. 

We live in a world that views our blackness as a negative trait. We are demeaned and belittle by mainstream media and not only that but even the men who share our skin tone give in to the stereotypes placed on us. 

We are told we are "bitter" "angry" and "jealous". We are taught we aren't pretty enough, intelligent enough or worthy enough. 

We are strong enough to tell ourselves those things are not true and we work to lift one another up only to receive criticism that we are not inclusive enough. 

We rarely see accurate representations of us in the media. The media portrays us as loud, unattractive and unfit for intimate relationships. Darker women are over-sexualized and fetishized. 

We are mocked. We are imitated only to be laughed at and discriminated against for the same traits we are born with while others are worshipped and praised. 

We are told to do better and be better. We are constantly compared. 

We are taught our hair is too course and our lips are too full, our noses and hips are too wide. 

If we are thin we are told we aren't "black" enough... if we speak with soft voices and straighten our hair we are told we aren't proud of who we are.

Being a black woman is hard.

We are taught from childhood to be stronger, to work harder and when we do we are a threat. 

We are pushed aside we are overshadowed and underrated.

Those of us without fathers are not pitied and we are never to be sad because black women aren't allowed to be sad or depressed. 

Our pain is ignored. We are taught to suck it up. We are to be strong because who will show empathy to the black woman.

We are neglected, beaten and abused. Even still, we rise but when we don't it is only our faults for being weak or being unwise. We are always at fault. The black woman is never the victim in the eyes of our society. 

Being a black woman is hard. 

Published by Raneisha Stassin


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