Ranthambore National Park: Uncover the Secrets of Buffer Zone

Ranthambore National Park: Uncover the Secrets of Buffer Zone

Before going on a wildlife trip, we often search on the internet and look for terms and spots related to that place (where we decide to go on the trip). And then most people ask their tour organizers about the core zone and buffer zone. People when plan to visit Ranthambore National Park often asks us: What is the difference between the Core and the Buffer zones. And why are most parks are separated into these zones across the country?

Is it because every time we Google core zone and buffer zone, we get the same answer: A buffer zone is an area, usually bordering the entire reserve, that has a lower animal density. And a core zone, on the other hand, is an area surrounded by buffer zones and has a high animal density?

The main reason why tourists want to visit the core zones is because of the low animal density and high animal density. Before booking a Chambal Safari in Ranthambore, it is critical to conduct thorough research. But we cannot form an opinion based solely on one answer.

What Is Meant By Core Zones And Buffer Zones?

Core zone: Protected areas are included in the core zone because they serve as indicators of the natural state of the ecosystems represented by biosphere reserves. There are no villages in the core zone, which is where the true forest is located. The core zone is essentially an important area where the forest department strictly protects wildlife and natural resources conservation.

Buffer zone: The area that surrounds or adjoins the core areas, where nature is maintained while acceptable human uses of the land or water are permitted. These could include ecotourism, recreation, sustainable agriculture, and forestry, among other things. The buffer zone is mostly where villagers and wildlife (primarily tigers) coexist

It's important to remember that animals are't aware of the zones. They have no idea whether they' re in a core zone or a buffer zone; they can go wherever they choose. Read More

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