A Guide To ICU Travel Nurse Jobs

A Guide To ICU Travel Nurse Jobs

Dec 26, 2021, 6:05:40 PM Life and Styles

What is an ICU travel nurse? ICU travel nurses are responsible for taking care of patients who have life-threatening conditions and need intensive care. Gifted Healthcare ICU travel nurse jobs are open for hiring since the demand increased during this pandemic times. Here is a guide to ICU travel nurse jobs to help you understand more about it. If you are a nurse and want to be qualified to be an ICU travel nurse then this is for you.

ICU Travel Nurse Job Description

Monitor and Evaluate Patient’s Progress

Patients in ICU need close monitoring since the conditions are critical; anything can change within a minute. So an ICU travel nurse must check and monitor the patient’s overall condition. The vitals should be monitored constantly and the patient should be checked physically now and then.

Reports Updates to Doctors and Family Members

Any changes good or bad should be reported to the doctor and the patient’s family member. So the doctor can give instructions on what needs to be done to make the patient's conditions stable or if there is any needed medication to be added or changed. Family members should be informed too so they can be ready for any situations that come next. ICU travel nurses should be able to give the updates as soon as possible since time differences can affect the condition of the patients just in case not reported on time.

Identify Sudden Change in Patient's Condition

Sudden changes can make the patient's condition worse or better. That’s why ICU travel nurses should be skilled enough to tell that sudden change had indeed occurred and be able to know what procedure to implement or they can update the doctors immediately and get the instruction on what’s to be done for the patient’s betterment. Sudden changes can make the condition of the patient more critical. That's why having knowledge on determining any unusual activity is crucial.

Monitoring Doses and Giving Medication

ICU travel nurses are the ones assigned to give medication to patients. Doctors prescribe medicine and nurses monitor the proper medications and doses for patients. Accuracy is important in this aspect since mistakes can lead to making the patient’s condition worse. Being alert should be one of the nurse’s skills.

Completing Paperwork before Patient’s Transfer

Once a patient needs to be transferred to another department of medical facilities. Paperwork should be done by the ICU travel nurse on duty and should be able to finish all the necessary paperwork for the transfer to be executed.

Create and Implement Care Plans

Care plans are important so you can be able to monitor your patient’s condition properly. Since their conditions are critical it is important to have a plan to follow.

How Much Does An ICU Travel Nurse Make?

ICU travel nurses can earn an average of $3,159 to $9,934 a week! They have a higher hourly rate plus they can earn more if they have more years of experience and more certifications. ICU travel nurses require specialization and nurses with specialization get paid higher. ICU travel nurse pay is better than regular ICU nurses. That's why most ICU nurses prefer to work as travel nurses because they can earn more.

How to become an ICU Travel Nurse?

To be qualified as an ICU travel nurse one should complete the following requirements and qualifications:

●      One should finish Bachelor of Nursing or any related field

●      Had passed the NCLEX and is a registered nurse.

●      High understanding of health information structures and technology.

●      Willing to work on 12-hour shifts and night shifts.

●      Ability to work under stressful work conditions.

A guide to ICU travel nurse jobs is worth reading before getting into the job. In this way, you can have an idea of what to expect and how to get yourself prepared. If you think you are qualified then get that application started by contacting your nearest travel nursing agency and having your paper processed. You will get your assignment in no time. If you still lack experience and qualification then work on it and get ready to be an ICU travel nurse the soonest possible time. Keep working as a nurse and get more exposure and get the specialization needed to become an ICU travel nurse to be able to travel and earn more as well.

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