How to Prevent Child Pornography

How to Prevent Child Pornography

Mar 8, 2021, 11:44:46 AM Life and Styles

It's not a topic people are comfortable with, but child pornography is a significant problem today. This situation puts children at risk of sexual exploitation.


Efforts are being made to eradicate this menace through legislation. The First Amendment protects porn in general, but not kid porn. Under federal law, it’s illegal to produce, distribute, import, receive or possess such material.


Society needs to play its role in fighting the problem and eliminating the risks to children. We need to understand the law in more detail and educate ourselves.


Laws serve as deterrents by imposing penalties on those convicted but are ineffective in preventing the criminal act. Most perpetrators know that child pornography is a crime but can’t stop themselves because of their addiction.


Let’s explore some necessary steps to protect our children.

Raise Awareness

According to law enforcement agencies and child-care experts, the problem with child pornography is due to a lack of information and certain misperceptions of the problem.


Schools should educate students about abuse in relationships, the impact of porn, and other subjects related to the issue. Parents must learn how to detect signs and protect their kids from harm. 


Active Parental Support for Children

As such abuse usually occurs at home or by someone known to the family, parents can help detect and prevent these instances. Some of the ways include:


●      Paying attention to your children. Giving your kids acknowledgment will reduce the likelihood of them seeking it from others.

●      Listening and believing your child when they bring up a possible abuse scenario.

●      Educating your children about what exploitation is and how to look out for the signs.

●      Noticing any unusual behavior in your kid.

●      Monitoring your child’s activities.

●      Being aware of and checking up on adults befriending your children.


Parents mustn't blame their kids when they speak out about being sexually exploited. Children should know it’s perfectly alright to discuss such matters.

Get Help for Those With Addiction to Child Porn

Most experts concur that porn addiction is real, and that’s one of the causes of sexual exploitation.


If you’re aware of someone who’s grappling with the issue, let them know they can get help from professionals who specifically deal with this kind of compulsion. They shouldn’t fear anyone finding out as these treatments are confidential.

Support the Cause

Help spread awareness and education by contributing to non-profit organizations or volunteering to organize talks in the community.


We Must Protect Our Children

The safety of our children should be our primary responsibility as adults. Eliminating child pornography is a long-term endeavor, but if everyone plays their role, we can make this world a safer place for our kids.

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Written by Ravinder Malik

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