When Do You Need a Defence Attorney for a DUI?

When Do You Need a Defence Attorney for a DUI?

Jun 9, 2021, 8:53:51 AM Business


When committing your first DUI, many courts will see it as a less severe offense. The court will usually give you a standard sentence in this case.


However, should you be caught driving recklessly, having a high blood alcohol level or even worse, cause an accident or fail a sobriety test, things can become dire.


Some scenarios could also decrease your sentence. For example, if there were any procedural issues during your arrest.


In these cases, it’ll be best practice to hire a defense attorney. A defense attorney can assist you in recognizing the facts of the case and represent you in the trial if necessary.


If you need to find a reputable defense attorney, why not look here; rather be safe than sorry as you never know when you might need protection.


A Reduced Sentence

Judges can use their discretion in handing down punishments. Sentence bargaining can, therefore, mean that you get a reduced sentence.


When it comes to DUI cases, many judges don’t go into the full depth of the case. They usually just give you the standard sentence.


In cases like this, your defense attorney will assist you in knowing how sentencing works and what the legal facts are that can help win the case.

Preparing for Trial

When representing yourself in a plea or sentence bargaining, it’s challenging but not impossible. If your case goes to trial and you don’t know what happens in a trial, it’ll be best to get a defense attorney.


Trial procedures are more complex than bargaining procedures, as there are specific processes to follow. You need to follow these processes correctly.


Deciding on a Public Defender or Private Attorney

Depending on your income bracket, you could qualify to have a public defender represent you. Many public defenders handle DUI cases. They know how the system works and how to get you the best deal possible.


If you get a public defender, it’s good to investigate their reputation in your jurisdiction. If it’s a good one, the prosecutor of your case could be more willing to negotiate a good deal for you.


If your income bracket is relatively high, you’ll have to hire a private attorney to represent you. There are a few important things to note when you hire an attorney.


●      Hire an attorney that handles DUI cases regularly. It’ll assist in achieving a better outcome.


●      Get information upfront about the fees involved.


●      Don’t hire the first attorney you find. Speak to two or three different attorneys before you make your final decision.


In most first-offense cases, you won’t need a defense attorney. If your case is complex, it’s always good to hire a defense attorney.


DUI’s in court can either be straightforward or more complex. Whatever the scenario, ensure that you have good representation.


Make an informed decision before you go to court so that you can have the best possible outcome.


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