Things I Don't Miss When I Was Pregnant

Things I Don't Miss When I Was Pregnant

Jul 20, 2016, 6:02:11 PM Life and Styles

I've ventured into motherhood journey six months ago when I had my first child and that was overwhelming by itself amplified with hormones. The transition from "look I'm growing a baby in me" to "You're cute but let me sleep" changes you as a person, some ladies say they found themselves when they became mothers. As many would preach that pregnancy is a such a wonderful experience and all, they don't tell you the downside of it. If I ever wanted to get pregnant again, I'll need to deal with these things that I honestly don't miss when I was pregnant. 

  • Heart burns. Before I found a pill that eased off the heart burn feeling, I was miserable and wanted to cry every night because it always kept me awake. I would stay in the bathroom for hours trying to get myself to throw up because I thought it'll help me somehow.
  •  Waddling. It's cute when penguins do it but for pregnant ladies, nope. I tried to walk normally while going to work but it became impossible as I reached my final weeks so I was waddling with short breaths because I felt bloated. 
  • Nothing fits. I was in denial that I was gaining weight, it took me time to adapt and check maternity clothes and plus size tops. It was hard finding them in shops so I bought mostly online and I remember I used  to buy sweatpants and then cut the waist elastic band just so it fits my growing belly.
  • Hormones Galore. To explain this, it's basically like you are on your period with all the emotions you go through multiplied few times. To make it bad enough, it made me sensitive to whatever my husband says that I instantly cry over stupid things. 
  • Daily activities gets harder to do. At first activities I normally do in my daily routine weren't that hard to do but the day I entered my 7th month, it got harder till it reached the point where I couldn't pray -I'm Muslim in case you didn't know- that I had to use a chair to do that. 
  • Over thinking about the future. I was thinking way too much about the future, will I be a good mother ? Will my child love me ? Will my husband help me ? Is the whole labor stage painful ? Will I return to my original body shape ? Will my husband still love me even with my stretch marks and saggy sides ?
  • Peeing every time I sneeze/laugh/cough. Everything I do somehow triggers my bladder to act like a mean girl and embarrass me. 
  • Everyone in the hospital saw and poked my vagina. Basically is like I was a science experiment and everyone should see my vagina and some would stick their finger in, really I don't mind that at all. 

I don't hate pregnancy as a whole process, I just hate these extra features that I didn't sign up for. Can I have the pregnancy package without these please ? 
Anyway how did it feel when you finally gave birth ? Do you miss being pregnant ? 

Published by Rawiya Al-Amri

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