Test Case Management Systems Are Replacing Spreadsheets

Test Case Management Systems Are Replacing Spreadsheets

Jun 14, 2021, 5:15:31 AM Tech and Science

Speed and quality are two important factors that have a direct impact on the success of products in the software industry. In order to ensure that developers can control, track, and move through the testing process, it is crucial to move from using traditional spreadsheets to reliable test case management tools. An effective tool allows test engineers to easily create, use, and organize test cases and their requirements. These tools help in creating dashboards an also product bugs directly from test runs to decrease QA time and enhance software quality. All the benefits of using tools can ensure a smooth and successful development process. It is also necessary to find out what role these tools play in building a bug-free software product and how they can enhance their quality as compared to using a spreadsheet.

Let’s look at a few reasons why test case management tools are a better option than spreadsheets:

Spreadsheets are not designed for test cases 

Typically, organizations depend on both spreadsheets and testing tools that support test case management. However, QA engineers realized that it was a time-consuming task to make these methods work together. So much so, that they could not focus on software testing. Testers need to manage a huge amount of sheets when they use spreadsheets for test cases. Since a systematic approach is not being followed when it comes to modifying documents, inconsistent data can also cause problems for an organization. There is a wide range of functional features, integrations, and capabilities that these tools offer. One of the most critical features that it offers includes data fields and informs about data that needs to be retrieved and monitored. Once testers get started with this tool, they have all the necessary information required to perform testing. In addition, they also provide functions that allow testers to capture, track and find the necessary information. They can also use test case management tools for bug tracking. It helps in resolving the issues that are not possible to be resolved by using spreadsheets.  

Promotes Team Collaboration 

Successful test case management is also important for test team management. Spreadsheets do not support team collaboration. For instance, if teams want to share their sheets with their respective programmers, they would require using emails, which becomes a time-consuming and cumbersome task. Teams may produce different versions of spreadsheets with inconsistent data that may be difficult to be sorted and arranged. Test case management tools are designed to overcome this issue by following a systematic approach to testing efforts. It includes functions such as real-time synchronization. It also locks the elements that are being modified by another user, to avoid any confusion. They also offer reporting tools that help in tracking test cases as a complete unit. These tools can also be integrated with other tools in order to enhance collaboration and communication between teams. 

According to a survey by Codingsans, 66.67% of startups use email for communicating with their teams.  Instead, companies can get test management tools for their teams and make their lives easier. Users can also issue tests, monitor the test execution process, and their respective teams which is critical to the software development lifecycle. By having a highly organized test management system, team productivity increases and business goals can be met. 

Project Monitoring 

Another major advantage of using test case management tools is their ability to assign tasks and monitor them across cross-functional teams. While teams may still be using spreadsheets for this purpose, the entire process of emailing a colleague for updates can be time-consuming. So this platform can allow managers to view their team’s work progress. It is also important for an organization to monitor test execution and its outcomes. This translates to monitor test runs, issues, fixing bugs, and documenting the successful tests. 

We cannot claim that spreadsheets are not useful, but it is not the right tool for managing test cases efficiently. With test case management tools QA teams can streamline testing complex software as they are designed to by smoothly integrating with your current tools and helping your business improve its productivity and efficiency. Some software testing companies have their own platforms and tools, however, it totally depends on a firm if they want to outsource their testing requirements, or set up an in-house team.  However, the switch from spreadsheets to test case management systems is quite understandable, and it has greater capabilities to support all sorts of software testing efforts to ensure quality and speed. 

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