The Best Jira Test Management Tools on the Market Today

Jira Management Tools on the Market Today

The Best Jira Test Management Tools on the Market Today

Jun 28, 2021, 5:28:42 AM Tech and Science

The requirement for a solid test management strategy has never been greater than it's now. This is often especially the case when software testing firms want to deliver a flawless product. To curb this necessity, these firms now utilize Jira test management tools and plug-ins to urge the work done. Today, we’ll be going over a number of the simplest ones you'll incorporate also.

Software firms that utilize Jira for managing business requirements and tasks during the event of their projects also can use it to manage and develop tests in the same way. This makes it an intelligent option to use one option, during this case, a Jira test management tool, to increase the general functionality for your team.

The Top 5 Jira Test Management Tools + Plugins

Let’s take a glance at a number of the best Jira test management tools and plugins on the internet you would possibly want to think about when fixing your testing process.

  1. Kualitee

Kualitee could be the strongest cloud-based option for manual and automatic testing out of the bunch. The tool features a capable dashboard that promises stress-free project management, requirement planning, and test suite management among others. It also allows for straightforward and seamless integration with Jira, Selenium, Bitbucket, and Jenkins.

In addition to this, Kualitee also allows for a spread of powerful traceability reports and metrics, defect tracking functionality, smart reports module, and snapshots of Test Cases contained during a test plan or story.

  1.  Zephyr

Zephyr is yet one more powerful addition to Jira test management tools. It offers clear integration within the project cycle to ensure users can create, plan and execute their tests directly in Jira. It also hosts plenty of options for filing, linking, and tracking defects. It features an Execution Navigator which can help track the progress of test executions. The tool also has access to an honest range of quality metrics. teams can configure and track these metrics and share dashboards also as create two-way traceability reports which can all then be exported.

  1. TestRail

This plugin integrates TestRail to JIRA Server or Cloud, offering an honest selection of smart test management integration options which may work for teams of all sizes.

Users can also utilize its management, tracking, and organization tools to better their QA efforts whilst taking advantage of TestRail’s impressive test management environment. Teams also can concurrently link, create and consider relevant test leads to Jira and it also allows for the mixing of their TestRail testing reports with Jira and Confluence. 

  1. QMetry 

Perfect for Agile teams, QMetry Test Manager for Jira could even be a fully-featured test management solution that aids teams lessen the event cycle times by allowing agility into the testing cycle. The tool also gives QA teams the means to be involved earlier in the SDLC and build relevant test scenarios while simultaneously testing early development builds.

With QMetry, users can create and reuse modular test scenarios and luxuriate within the tool’s auto-suggestion feature which offers test scenarios supported by particular story details.

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