A Wise Son

A Wise Son

Mar 22, 2019, 12:32:45 AM Religion

    My dad was a very smart man.  He did all his own work on his car, built a tent trailer from scratch, built a small pontoon boat and even built two small rooms onto a cottage they bought.  He was also very wise with money.  I look back on how much money he made when I was a boy and am amazed that we made ends meet, let alone had anything left over for luxuries.  My dad taught me many things and there are still days when I wish he was still with me so I could ask him advice.

    As I got older and matured I paid more heed to the things my he told me.  As a teenager maybe not so much, but I can still look back on those things and learn.

    The first half of Proverbs 13:1 tells us, “A wise son heeds his father’s instruction.”  I know this is talking about our earthly father, but it can also be applied to our heavenly Father.  If I want to be wise, I need to heed God’s instructions.  Books may give me information, but it is God’s instructions that will make me wise.

Published by Ray Richards

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