Aug 30, 2019, 12:41:12 AM Religion

    There are many different kinds of boat anchors.  I recently read of a boat that had eight anchors, each weighing seventy-five tons.  On the other hand I know of some fisherman that use a concrete block on the end of a piece of strong rope.  No matter what the size of the boat, or what the storm, a boat needs an anchor.  Even in calm weather an anchor is used to stop a fisherman’s boat from drifting on a peaceful lake.

    Priscilla Owens wrote a hymn titled ‘Will Your Anchor Hold?’  The chorus starts out ‘We have an anchor that keeps the soul’.  We are sure to encounter storms in our life, both physical and spiritual.  If we have no anchor, we will be blown about and have trouble finding rest.  The chorus ends with ‘Fastened to the Rock which cannot move, Grounded firm and deep in the Savior’s love.’

If we can remain grounded in the love and protection of Jesus we can find comfort when those storms come, and they will come.  Our question needs to be, am I attached to something that will hold, no matter what.

Published by Ray Richards


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