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    Years ago I had a friend who was colourblind.  I remember driving home from work one evening with him and commented about a beautiful sunset.  The reds and purples were beautiful.  He looked at me and said, ‘it all looks brown to me.’  I thought how sad it was that he was ‘blinded’ to the colours of a beautiful sunset.  Now matter how hard or how long he looked, he was never going to see the beauty in a sunset that I could see.

    In the spiritual realm the same thing happens.  Many are ‘blinded’ to the beauty of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  2 Corinthians 4:4 tells us, “Satan, who is the god of this world, has blinded the minds of those who don't believe. They are unable to see the glorious light of the Good News. They don't understand this message about the glory of Christ, who is the exact likeness of God.” (NLT)  Now matter how hard they look, they will not see.

    Only God can open their eyes.  That applies to all of us.  We are all blinded to some degree to the wonders of the Gospel.  That is why we need to continually pray for God to open our eyes.

Published by Ray Richards

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