Dec 14, 2017, 10:18:10 PM Religion

   The Christmas season, the celebration of Jesus’ birth, is fast approaching.  I think most people today realize that Jesus was not born on December 25.  Nowhere in the Bible are we given the exact date but because of references to shepherds in the fields and people travelling for the census, most scholars accept his birthday as being late September or early October.  That in itself is no reason to abandon Christmas.

    Celebrating the birth of Christ should be a festive event.  When we have a birthday for one of our children, that child becomes the centre of attention.  Everything planned for that day is to celebrate that child and to let him know we consider him to be important.  The same should happen when we celebrate the birth of Christ.  No matter which day we choose, we should have everything centre around Him.  There should be nothing on that day that should take our attention away from Him.

    In many parts of the world, the celebration carries on for over a month and Christ seems totally left out.  We have even begun to leave Him out by name.  We wish people ‘Happy Holidays’ instead of ‘Merry Christmas’.

    When you celebrate this year, take a look at the things you do and take time to see if they put Christ at the centre of this special day or season.

Published by Ray Richards

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