Mar 9, 2018, 1:01:58 AM Religion

    A properly working compass will always point north.  However, unless you know how to use the compass, knowing which way is north will do little to help you find you way.  If you are walking in the woods, you need a compass, know how to use it and actually use it.

    In life we need a moral compass.  We need something that will always point us in the proper direction, we need to know how to use and we actually have to use it.  If everyone decided to follow whatever they thought was right, chaos would ensue.  There would be disagreement on every topic and no reasonable way to decide whose view would be considered ‘correct’.

    This is where the Bible, God’s Word, becomes the standard.  It becomes our compass that will tell us what is right and what is wrong.  If I disagree with something in the Bible, then I am wrong and need to change my ways.  Too many people today feel that their opinion is always right.  The only person who is always right is God, so we should be able to rely upon Him and His Word to be our moral compass.

Published by Ray Richards

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