Nov 19, 2019, 1:53:19 AM Religion

   In the first few verses of the book of Haggai God is telling the people of Israel, through the prophet Haggai, why they are having so many problems.  God points out that their crops are not bringing in enough food, they are thirsty, their clothes don’t seem to be keeping them warm and when they earn money it seems like they are putting the coins into a bag filled with holes.  I’m sure some of us can relate to some of these things, especially the coin bag that is full of holes.  God does not leave them wondering what has happened. In verses 5 and 7 of the first chapter God says, “thus saith the LORD of hosts; Consider your ways.” (KJV)  He shows them that they are so busing taking care of themselves and doing their own thing, they have forgotten about Him.

    God wants us to consider Him first.  In today’s world all that seems to matter is ‘what about me?’  What we really need to realize is that God needs to be the most important aspect of our lives.  He cannot be second, He must be first.

Published by Ray Richards

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