Aug 20, 2018, 10:49:38 PM Religion

    I just completed refinishing my living room and kitchen floors.  I swept them clean first.  Then I cleaned them with a damp mop.  I figured that those two processes would get rid of all the dirt.  Then I sanded, of should I say, made huge amounts of dust.  I swept up all the dust and then damp mopped the floors a couple of time to ensure all the dust was gone.

    Then I started to apply the new finish.  I was amazed at how many ‘things’ showed up in the finish.  I was picking up pieces of flowers, wood, dirt and general chunks of stuff that should have been swept up.  Even after it dried I managed to see some things in the finish that should not have been there.  I have no idea how I could have missed them with the many ways I cleaned the floors before I began.

    Our lives seem to work the same way.  No matter how many times we ‘clean up’ our lives there always seems to be something come up that we thought we had disposed of.  That’s because we cannot clean up our own lives.  We can try, but we will always fall short.  The only sure way, is to ask Jesus to help.  With His help, it is amazing what unwanted things can disappear from our lives.

Published by Ray Richards

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