Expecting God

Expecting God

Feb 6, 2017, 9:41:58 PM Religion

    Many of us go to church each week expecting to experience God.  There is nothing wrong wanting to experience God when we meet at church but I think if that is your mindset you are missing many blessings from God.  We should expect to meet with Him and experience Him every single day, from the time we get up until the time we go back to sleep.  We can even expect to meet with Him while we sleep.

    If you read the gospels, Jesus did almost all of His miracles outside of the church walls.  He taught in the synagogues but also He met people where they were, in the streets of their towns.  That is where He performed most of His healings and miracles.  That is where He wants to meet us also.  Yes, He wants us to gather together to praise and worship Him on a regular basis, but we can also meet with Him, experience Him and receive of His blessings and miracles on a daily basis at any time.

    For Him to meet us, we need to make ourselves accessible.  We need to pray every day, praise Him every day and search for Him constantly.

Published by Ray Richards

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