Jun 13, 2017, 1:55:08 AM Religion

    According to psychologists there is a new concern for people who constantly find themselves on social media, FOMO, fear of missing out.  It seems some people check media because they have a fear that something will happen and they may miss out on an invite or a piece of news.  For some this can be a major cause of stress.  The only way they can ensure they will not miss out on anything is to check their social media every five minutes.  FOMO is something about which many people should be concerned.

    When it comes to God, FOMO can be a good thing.  Who would want to miss out on an invite from God or hearing something God wants to tell us?  How can we ensure we don’t miss out?  The answer is simple. We do the same as those who constantly check social media but with the opposite result.  We need to check in on God as often as we can, to relieve stress.  The more we check in, the closer we will be and the less we will miss.  We do this by prayer, reading His word and spending time in quiet listening for His voice.

Published by Ray Richards

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