Lost Keys

Lost Keys

Jun 2, 2017, 12:49:19 AM Religion

    Last week I misplaced my keys.  On the chain were two keyless entry remotes, three ordinary keys, a dealership tag and my war amps tag.  This is not a set of keys that can be lost under a piece of paper.  I looked everywhere, more than once.  I checked my suit pockets three times and scoured the kitchen and living room over and over.  I accused my wife of maybe accidentally knocking them into one of her bags.  There were not there.  It was on my fourth check of my suit that I found them, in the pocket I had already checked three times.  I’m still not sure if I missed them the three previous times or if my wife found them somewhere and put them there to confuse me.  Probably not.  The point is, I was careless in my search.

    When we search Scripture we cannot afford to be careless.  We cannot just skim over the verses and assume we know what they say.  We need to carefully read and study.  How can we be sure about how God wants us to live and what God wants us to do unless we study His Word, thoroughly and constantly.

Published by Ray Richards

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