Mar 15, 2018, 8:47:39 PM Religion


    How many people do you think are reading this simply because of the title I used this week?  Isn’t it amazing how often we need something special to catch people’s attention to get them interested.  If the title had been ‘Flowers’, many people may have skipped over my column and not read it.  With the title ‘Monsters’, I bet there are some who normally would not read it but are reading it today.

    Just look at the things entertainers do to shock people so they will come to a concert, buy music or watch a TV show or movie.  Without the shock value or something extraordinary they seem afraid they will be overlooked.

    The same often happens in church.  Many people want some kind of shock value, or a drawing card by way of a big name speaker or music group to entice them to come.  All they should really want is God.  If He is there what more could you ask for?  It is His presence that we should seek, His presence that should draw us and also His presence that should satisfy us.  Also, if God is not the most integral part of the service, something is wrong.

Published by Ray Richards

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