Oct 4, 2019, 12:11:52 AM Religion

    I find it amazing to watch sports fans.  They shout and scream at the games.  They will dress up in team colours when they go to a game.  They will paint faces and bodies.  Some will even wear outlandish outfits.  It’s not the fact that they will be at a game like this that amazes me, but that they travel to the game the same way.  They will walk the streets or take transit dressed to show pride in their team.  There is no embarrassment or apology for their attire or vocal support, nor should there be.  I like the idea they are proud of their team and are willing to let everyone know how they feel.

    We should show the same enthusiasm when it comes to Jesus.  He did much more for us than any person or team.  Everyone we know or meet should be able to tell that we love Him and are devoted to Him.  King David threw off all his kingly attire and danced in the streets before his God.  We do not necessarily have to dance in the streets but our love for Him should be obvious to everyone we meet.

Published by Ray Richards


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