Stagnant Water

    I was down by the river the other day and came across a small pond of water that had formed when the river was running much higher.  Now it is simply a pond beside the river.  With no new water flowing in and no water flowing out, the pond had become quite stagnant.  It was full of green, slimy stuff and was beginning to smell.  Eventually it will dry up to nothing unless it gets an inflow of fresh water.

    Many of us find ourselves in the same sort of situation, separated from the refreshing waters of God’s Spirit.  When this happens we too can become stagnant and will also dry up if we do not again connect with His Spirit.  It is His Spirit that keeps us.

    In Jeremiah 2:13, God is talking to the people of Israel about their sinful lifestyle.  About them He says, “they have forsaken me the fountain of living waters.” (KJV)  The Hebrew word for living can also mean strong, merry, running, springing, strong and fresh.  This is what being refreshed in God is all about; getting out of that dead, stagnant water and becoming strong, refreshed, happy and full of life and vigour.

Published by Ray Richards


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