Nov 18, 2016, 2:13:11 AM Religion

    To many people, supernatural means weird, something that should not be happening in the natural realm.  When I looked up the history of the word, I found something quite different.  It originates in the 15th century and comes from a Latin word that means “above or beyond nature, divine” or “of or given by God, divine; heavenly”.  It was not until the 19th century that it began to be associated with ghosts and ‘weird’ things.  So, originally the word meant something given by or from God.

    That is how we need to look at God today, the one who gives us the supernatural.  He created the universe, that was definitely supernatural.  Everything He has done had a supernatural sense about it, why should we not continue to see the supernatural in His actions?  The answer is, we should expect supernatural occurrences from Him every day.  Not weird and eerie things, but things that He gives us and does for us that are beyond the realm on the explainable in our human world.

    When the God of the spiritual realm enters our human world, we should expect supernatural things to happen.

Published by Ray Richards

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