Half Moon Cay… Fun Things To Do In A Short Break at Paradise Island!

Half Moon Cay… Fun Things To Do In A Short Break at Paradise Island!

Welcome to Half Moon Cay!

Fun Things To Do in a short break at Bahamas’ Paradise Island!

An Island in the Bahamas, Half Moon Cay is definitely one of my favorite beach destinations.

Half Moon Cay the Paradise Island

Half Moon Cay the Paradise Island

Holland America Line’s (HAL) Private island is a famous go-to dream vacation destination of the cruise ship passengers.


Half Moon Cay the Paradise Island

Half Moon Cay the Paradise Island


It is also known as Little San Salvador.

The private island is used as one of Holland America Line’s port of call for the cruise ships it operates in the region.

The island view aboard one of Holland America Cruise ships.


Before Holland America Lines purchasing, Little San Salvador is the private island of Norwegian Cruise Line. HAL bought the island in December 1996 for a whopping $6 million US Dollars.

Private Island: No Trespassing


There’s no deep water docking at the private island, so the cruise ship anchors a few miles away from the island, which requires the use of tenders for cruise ship passengers to disembark and embark. Tenders are available for the passengers and crews who wants to go ashore.

Anchored at a distance from the island.

Tender Boat for disembarking and embarking passengers to and from the island
But what is a tender? It is a boat to ferry people and supplies to and from a ship. According to Webster dictionary it is a nautical term meaning (of a ship) leaning or readily inclined to roll in response to the wind.

A short break. Picture taking on the Tender boat on the way to the Paradise Island

Break time with my chef colleagues in the pastry department.

Upon arriving at the half moon shaped island, you may go picture taking, enjoying the crystal- clear turquoise waters and fine pristine white sand, you would really wish you could stay there forever!

Half Moon Cay the Paradise Island

Half Moon Cay the Paradise Island

Half Moon Cay the Paradise Island

My second time in the private island.


Spending our break time from work along with my colleagues.

Along with my colleague. We wish we could stay here forever.

There are a lot of fun things you can do when you spend a day here at the famous crescent-shaped island.

What I like most here is you can stay ashore and play with its pristine white FINE sand – not even a piece of a shell or any untoward seaweed could be seen.


Half Moon Cay the Paradise Island

Half Moon Cay the Paradise Island: Playing ashore with the island’s fine white sand and crystal clear turquoise waters.

You can take pictures and swim all day in the warm waters.

See how clear the water is? It’s just like you are in a swimming pool only with warm but not too warm salty water.

But aside from water activities like swimming, scuba diving, jet-skiing, snorkeling, deep-sea fishing, parasailing, glass-bottom boat rides, and sting ray adventure,  eco-bike and hike tour, horseback riding and nature walks are also available. You may rent a bike or a horse upon arriving at the island.

Let’s go on a tour!

Ride for the Island Tour

Direction Signage are scattered throughout the island.

Island Barbecue

Before indulging yourself in all the fun-filled activities you can do in the island, treat yourself for lunch in the Island Barbecue for passengers and crew located in Food Pavillion.

Since the island was purchased it has developed widely but the company is maintaining the natural habitat for wildlife. The deep-sea fishing (catch-and-release) contributes to conservation measures to preserve not only the habitat but also the wildlife species in the ocean. Catch and release or angling helps increase the quality and quantity of future catches.

Garbage disposals are scattered throughout the island.

Aside from these nature preservation programs, garbage disposals are scattered throughout the island to maintain island’s cleanliness.

More water activities!

Kayaks, wind surfboards, water-scooter rides and beach floats readily available for rent.

After a good lunch meal, kid-friendly playground could easily be found near the island entrance if you have children in tow.

Half Moon Lagoon Aqua Park

Captain Morgan bar offers plenty of captain’s history and his exploits.

Moreover, it also has a performance area for live band.

Bright color cabanas are on the left side of the Captain Morgan bar. And on the right side are blue beach chairs for those who like to sunbathe.

Lastly, when you’re done swimming, you can grab a lounge chair.

Then, just bum on the beach near the shore.

Truly, there a lot of fun things you can do in the famous Paradise Island – Half Moon Cay!

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