Rea Lakwatsera goes Island Hopping

Rea Lakwatsera goes Island Hopping

Rea Lakwatsera goes to Burias.

Ever went to a place you've never heard of?

I did. 

This trip happened December of last year.

One of my business partners, who is also a college friend, asked me to accompany him for an ocular visit. He asked me to join him in Burias.

I asked, “Where is that located?”

He told me to just join and not ask too many questions nor google search the place.

He said, “You’ll be surprised! We’ll go island hopping!”

Being a trusting friend, I followed.

December came; we were both excited for this weekend trip.

We traveled for seven hours via van then another hour and a half via boat.

Thus, our journey started. We visited three islands in Masbate on the first day.


First stop is Animasola Island. It was indeed magnificent. Those amazing rock formations will leave you in awe.


Rea Lakwatsera in Animasola Island

Rea Lakwatsera in Animasola Island, Burias, Masbate

The second is Tinalisayan Island and its sand bar. Have you imagined walking in pristine shores and crystal clear waters? Then, this is the best spot for you.

Rea Lakwatsera in Tinalisayan Island

Rea Lakwatsera in Tinalisayan Island, Burias, Masbate


And third is Sombrero Island. This is one of the best places to watch the setting and the rising sun. Also, if you are lucky to wake up early, you’ll witness the embrace of dusk and dawn.


Rea Lakwatserain Sombrero Island, Burias, Masbate.

Rea Lakwatsera in Sombrero Island, Burias, Masbate.

Sunday came, we were left with only two islands to visit.

The fourth island we hopped is Snake Island or also known as Islang Dapa. The island is still located in Masbate. This is also a great place for cliff diving. Once you jump into the turquoise waters, you’ll crave for more.

Rea Lakwatsera in Snake Island, Burias, Masbate.

Rea Lakwatsera in Snake Island, Burias, Masbate.

Last stop is Alibijaban Island and its sandbar located in Quezon. You’ll see several Mangrove trees here. A long shoreline with fine sand and shallow waters.


Rea Lakwatsera in Alibijaban Island, Quezon.

Rea Lakwatsera in Alibijaban Island, Quezon.


I will not detail everything here since I will be posting an article for each island.

I need to give justice to their uniqueness and beauty. Furthermore, I'll also post the detailed itinerary on succeeding blog posts.

In the meantime, I'll just let these photos entice your inner wanderlust.


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