20 Things I learned now that I'm 20

20 Things I learned now that I'm 20

Jul 29, 2016, 4:48:41 PM Life and Styles


1.      Always be thankful –for the little ones you take for granted, for the nice things you actually didn’t wished for, for the things you wished for and happened, and basically, for every blessing you receive.

2.      Start early. Don’t think that you’ll always have tomorrow to do it because you don’t. Invest on something you enjoy doing as early as the moment you realize it.

3.      Never stop learning. Never let a day pass without a new learning, without having new knowledge of something. Help yourself grow to be the person you want to be.

4.      Always be kind –to yourself and others. Help a friend, compliment someone, smile at a stranger you passed by. Spread good vibes.

5.      It’s okay to be alone. Eat alone, walk alone, watch in cinemas alone. There’s this satisfying feeling of being just with yourself.  So go on and take yourself out on a date.

6.      Never let anxiety eat you alive (again). Thinking too much, being depress, distress- things we’re good at. Fight it, you’re stronger than that.

7.      Make “happiness” your goal. Do the things that make you feel happy to be alive.

8.      Spend more time with your family and friends; while you’re still not busy (looking for a job after graduating in college, getting busy with work and basically have a life of your own) and when you still can!

9.      Express yourself. Tell the universe what you feel, speak out. You have the right to be heard.

10.  Stop doubting yourself. Other sees the good things that you are, the good things that you do, give yourself a little credit. Be confident.

11.  Quit being a follower. Do what you do, the things that you want to. Not because something is appraised cool, you have to do the common.

12.  Stick for the things you really want so bad. What are you passionate about? Do more of that, and if anyone told you something that’s against it, don’t listen.

13.  Don’t lose yourself (or your worth) when you found him. The love you used to give yourself before –know that it is still there; it is still yours, never lessened.

14.  Learn to take criticisms. Don’t let a comment or a judgment bring you down. Transverse it to something good, help yourself to be better.

15.  Stay balance. Weigh everything, what’s more important? Which then should come first?

16.  You don’t have to be “cool” to inspire someone, you just have to be you.

17.  As an Eminem song goes, guts over fear. There’s no way you can surpass them unless you face them. You can do it.

18.  Know that the “competition” only exist in your head. Comparing, competing -nothing will you ever get something from it. Focus on what’s yours, enjoy the process and definitely comes a good result.

19.   Stay healthy. Your mind, your body, and your soul –only feed on good stuff.

20.  Celebrate yourself. You deserve it.

Published by Reann Erilla

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