Beginners' Hike

Beginners' Hike

Jul 1, 2016, 9:52:24 PM Life and Styles

I was actually looking for some budget-friendly adventure to pursue; some new nice place to visit like a museum, beach etc etc. and in some way I have stumbled on something I am quite looking for. Mt. Talamitam. I am not that of a big fan of hiking or mountain climbing (until recently) but I decided to do it anyway since I’m craving for something thrilling and exciting. I told them (my younger sisters and cousins) right away about it and they were totally into it.


We planned to go on a weekday so it will be less crowded. We said we should be off early so it wouldn’t be too hot, but it’s already 7:00 o’clock am when we left and the sun was somehow already high up. It’s a good thing that it’s almost a 30-minute drive to get to Mt. Tamamitams’ drop off point (located in Sitio Bayabasan Nasugbu, Batangas) from our place (we live in Tuy, Batangas) which is just by the highway and they also have a signboard so it’ll be easy to notice.

We were told to have our registration first and pay 40 pesos each. There were people offering us to be our guide and since it’s our first time to hike Mt. Talamitam, we got one, but it’s still up to you whether you want a guide with you or not. The mimimum fee for getting a guide is 300 pesos.  We gave ours 400 pesos because she was really nice.

Our guide told us that it can take an hour and a half or 2 to get to the summit. We passed some few residential houses as we get to the first part of the trail which is the forest. One of the best part about it is, it’s shaded by the trees unlike the rest of the hike from the second part to the summit. On this forest part, we cross a mini river then pass a few consecutive minor ascends.


The second part was more of a flatter ground than the first but as you get farther you’ll start ascending through hills. The suns’ heat is too direct and there are no more shady trees as I’ve mentioned and as you may have notice most of us were wearing shorts and it's not very recommendable but hey, we survived! Though you can’t  barely feel the heat that much because as you get higher it also gets breezier and the view is getting more beautiful, we stop a lot because we can’t resist to take pictures.


I didn’t realize it is sort of a plantation, natives were growing crops there, and they pasture their cows and horses there as well. Though I didn’t see any house or a hut where they can stay, I mean, do they climb this high just to feed their cows up here or water their plants? But for whatever reason, I didn’t bother asking that question.


We finally got to the foot of the mountain and it’s only a good 20-30 minutes to get to the summit. There are two trails, the steeper one that goes up to 60 degree slope and the easier one that would take 10 minutes longer. We choose the latter.


at last we reached the summit! It was so jaw dropping watching the scenery from up there. I can’t explain the feeling I had, it was more than fulfilling! I never saw something so beautiful in my life I swear. This made me want to do more of it!


We stayed under the nippa hut there to rest a little from the suns’ heat; snacking and chatting as we enjoy the optical feast! It was almost noon but we still didn’t want to come down, we would’ve stayed there longer if we weren’t just planning to take a dip down the river known as Layong Bilog just at the bottom of the mountain. After trying to take everything in, kind of memorizing how it look like from up there, inhaling all the good that there is, we decided to head down.

It was an easier and quicker hike going down. What’s only a bit challenging was the sand seems slicky when descending than ascending.

It was an hour and a half til we got down the river. I admit that my legs are getting a bit tired and somewhat aching, it’s my first time hiking a mountain after all. But after sighting the river from afar, I was so excited I feel like I already regained my energy.

Did I mention that we drank all the water we brought before we even reached the summit? Yes. We thought it would be enough for the whole trip. But it wasn’t. So bring a huge water bottle or have another 2 extras, chances are you need more of it than you think. Trust me.

We we’re so parched, good thing we passed by a store on the way to the river.


I’ll let the pictures speak for itself.



Need I say more? The water feels so relaxing than anything else after long hours of hiking, especially those mini water falls or as I like to call them, when you stay under them and let the water falls into you. I have this fascination for rock structures and this river is just so naturally beautiful! Also, one of the really best things about going out on whatever trips during weekdays is that there’s a big chance of having less crowd. And in this case, we had the river all to ourselves!



Higlights, advantages, disadvantages and tips

  1. One of the most beautiful rivers I’ve seen and been to
  2. You can camp on the montain, even on the summit
  3. The natives were so nice and welcoming, very assisting. Like if you’re camping overnight and if you run out of potable water, they would climb up and bring you some. (which of course you need to give some tip for their effort, obviously)
  4. One of Nasugbus' hidden gems
  5. Most part of the mountain is not shaded by trees
  6. if you want to go for a lesser crowd, and more of nature then this is the one you’re looking for.
  7. Very budget-friendly. We actually just spend less than 800 pesos as a group and that already includes: registration fee, guide fee, and some water and snacks we bought.
  8. You actually get more than what you’ve paid for
  9. Be sure to wear comfy clothes that would also protect your skin, even a cap and sun glasses would be a great help. The sun is not just the same like before, it’s more distractive and for us, yes we did had sun burnt skin right after
  10. If you wanted to start hiking, Mt. Talamitam is not too steep unlike other mountains that is good enough for beginners like me!

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