Feel Good Classic

Feel Good Classic

Feb 24, 2017, 6:37:28 PM Entertainment

Hey hey heyyy time for another playlist! Okay, so clearly I am still not over with my nostalgic throwback songs but can you blame me? Sometimes it's just kind of tiring to listen to mainstream electronic mix over and over again or that's just me? oh well.

Fast life update: Been working on a little something so I haven't been posting lately. History of this playlist -I need  fun happy music to play while I'm doing the things I do (what? what she say?? you get it.); and for so long I've been listening to whatever Spotify playlist that there is but I got too tired of listening to the same songs so I created my own. Tah Dah! Here's a bunch of upbeat classic songs I know and love and grew up and old with. Hope you like it! And may you accomplish whatever you are working on! Have a good day :)




DISCLAIMER: featured image is definitely not mine, creds to the owner but I don't know who is. I just saw the photo on tumblr. But the text edit is definitely mine. okay. bye. :)

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