Good things are coming

Good are coming

Good things are coming

Jul 1, 2016, 9:19:30 PM Religion

God had plan our life long before we live it. Trust in him; it will be good.


I’ve never thought that this day would come; I am finally happy with where I am, I’m not there yet but I’m at the closest I’ve ever been.

It was a tough battle I had against myself before I came up with what I am now. I’ve been at my worst or at least, the worst I know.  I fall back a hundred times and all the things I’m trying to build for years have crumbled upon me; moments where it seems like hope simply just vanishes on thin air, where my relentless knocks on doors I wish to be open remained shut, where my why-questions were never answered and how it’s easier to let depression, despair, and distress consume me.  I could go on and on with this and profess to you my hurt but today I have left all that behind because they are nothing more than blurry snaps of my experiences which had led me into a greater good. In the short sense, I have learned that it’s okay to live with the unknown and the things I don’t understand, for God is there and he will never allow a difficulty unless it is for our own good.


If you are ever in deep sorrow for a loss loved one, experiencing a heart break, having fear of not passing your board exam or your big idea failed; God is asking you to trust him. God’s delay are not God’s rejection. This is only a process he let us take in order to prepare us for the good that’s been waiting at the end of the tunnel.

Lord I trust you with my closed doors, my unanswered questions and the things I don’t understand. I may not now see the things you planned for me yet, but I know that it will be good.

Published by Reann Erilla

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