Love Shenanigans

Love Shenanigans

Feb 12, 2017, 6:50:32 PM Opinion

They say there are these things you should at least do before you fall in love. That’s what I’m reading about or hearing a lot. Things you need to experience first by yourself. Yes we know about those priorities; the never ending records of voices saying studies should come first (which is of course true). To invest more time to yourself, your family and friends. To fall in love with yourself first before with someone else. We already knew all about that. But you don’t tell love when you’re ready or when you want to fall in love, what age, when, where. It just come. Unexpected. Nothing can ever make you prepared for it.


What is wrong about finding love at a young age? Love found you and it was never your fault that you did. It’s love. So what if you’re young and knew nothing about anything? That doesn’t make a valid reason to be called out unrealistic or impractical. Honest speaking, love is the realest thing on this planet.


I fell in love at the age of 18. I believe there are even younger ones and if it’s love, it’s love; it’s okay. That’s what I think. Love makes us grow in general, that’s given. But I’ve learned a lot from being in a romantic acquaintance that I wouldn’t learn anywhere else.


We are mad for love, for attention for all the beautiful things we hope to happen. We cling on to what we believe would bring us happiness. We long for these things because we want to be wanted, to be loved, to not be alone again; a visible reminder that we belong somewhere. And in some point we get too carried away with this tremendous feeling that we forgot that ourselves is also capable of loving our own. We know what we want and yes we believe we deserve it because we do. The only problem with us is we tend to ask it from someone else. We depend onto our lovers the love we need to give ourselves.


That’s how expectation ruin things. You could not ask someone to love you more than they could and give you more than they are willing to. Everyone has their own unique way to express; and you shouldn’t doubt any of that just because you think it’s not enough.


Everyone, including your family and friends and your better half, they give you the love they know. And when you feel that there’s this one piece left missing, please, don’t try to look for it from others. You should know that this piece is the love you owe yourself to give. Give it. Kindly, gently, without hesitation, give it. And it’s the true love you have always been looking for.


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