Proviamo Italiano

Proviamo Italiano

Oct 27, 2016, 8:34:02 PM Life and Styles

School has just started and things are getting pretty tied up already-A little background story for not being able to blog recently, if you’re ever just wondering. But I’m back now, hellooooo!

Free days off school have loads to offer, so I wouldn’t miss this chance to treat myself out and relax a bit. Me and my sisters have finally tried this Italian Restaurant near our area and oooh! Oooh! It was good!


The place looks simply, effortlessly, and pleasantly serene. Nothing but green grass and plants and trees and wood. Very earth-y, artsy. My kind of stuff. We took the second floor, pick our table and choose from the menu.


Chez Deo Ristorante Italiano serves a fine authentic Italian cuisine from Antipasto (appetizers), Zuppa (soups), Insalata (salads), Pasta, Pizza, Calzoni (pocket pizzas), as well as Main Courses of Manzo (beef), Pollo (chicken), Pesce (fish), Bistecca (steaks) and Gruppo (group meals), plus Spuntini (burgers and sandwiches) and down to Dolci (desserts).


This is what we ordered.

Arabiata (pasta with olive oil, fresh tomatoes, spicy flakes [I actually forgot the other ingredients but I know there’s something else] a whole half-Hawaiian, half-pepperoni pizza and a beef cheese burger with bacon and homemade fries. [To which I forgot the Italian word for the both it, written in the menu].



Place was good (though could be improve, especially with the ventilation [indoor]), food was better (than expected) and the price is very much reasonable for its great servings! I would want to go back and try the other specialties! I recommend this restaurant indeed! Much love to pastas and pizzas!

Chez Deo Ristorante Italiano is located at 117 Fe Street Balayan, Batangas, Philippines

Published by Reann Erilla

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