Hi all!! 

So i'm extremely happy And lucky to be posting blogs for My Trending Stories. When i received the email i  couldn't believe it. I was like me? Really? and then i realised just how happy i was from just one small thing?

It got me thinking. I see photos or post on Facebook and Twitter all the time saying 'If you buy me this £1000 mac foundation then i'll be the happiest girl alive.' or 'If my boyfriend/Girlfriend done this for me then i'd be so happy and be his/hers forever.' Seriously? Shove your mac foundation just buy me a Big-Mac from Mcdonalds. I don't know why but thing's like this make me so angry. Why does everything have to be big and over the top? What happened to taking strolls in the park or even waking up next to your partner? They're the things that really matter because one day, they wont be there and you'll be left with a half used Mac Foundation and think to yourself 'I should have enjoyed the little things more'.

Now don't get me wrong, for some people maybe just some Makeup does make them happy but maybe that's only because you haven't learnt to appreciate the little things yet. By little things i mean, getting a simple email that could change your life, your boyfriend coming up to you and just kissing you, spending time with family, laughing. 

Recently I've learnt that sometimes for you to be appreciate the little things you have to lose something or something changes. And for me, something did happen and at the time i was angry and hurting but now, i can see it was for the good as i've never been happier all thanks to the little things in life.  (My boyfriend made dinner last night and i can't even explain how happy and excited i was haha.)

I recently got a new puppy. Sunday to be exact, he's only 8 weeks and 4 days old but he's the cutest little pup ever! Looking and messing around with him makes me so happy and i find myself sleeping better, waking up easier and enjoying every day life, all because i'm Happy.  Being happy is a big thing in everyday life because if you're not happy, it'll rub off on the people around you and soon enough, you'll all be stuck in a trap of being unhappy.

I hope you've all enjoyed my first blog. I wasn't sure what to post about and was a bit apprehensive to write this and kept deciding not too, but then i thought. People will like me for me and for what i write.

Please let me know of some things you'd like to see from me. I'm up for anything, thanks for reading:)

Here's a picture of my pup; Draco.  

See you all soon,

Becca xox

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