Drabbling: A New Kind Of Story

Drabbling: A New Kind Of Story



Flash fiction has taken the literary world by storm.  The 1000 word story has become an art form that captures both narrative and attention.  Publications including Cleaver Magazine, Brevity, and Vestal Review all showcase a wide variety of flash fiction.  Some even publish 'flash memoir'.

Drabble has quickly become the younger sister of flash fiction.  A drabble is a story created in 100 words or less.  Think: For sale: baby shoes, never worn.  (But longer)

Here is one piece from www.TheDrabble.com:


Flouting restraint they come,
Dry screams like naked razors
scraping rust from atrophied ducts.

Her eyes meet mine
and politely flick away.
Ashamed? No …

(not that)



If you think you can write a story in 100 words, The Drabble takes submissions on a rolling basis. 

For more information on this new trend: https://drablr.com/how-to-write-a-drabble


Published by Rebecca Lee

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