How Do We Move Forward?



Many of us have lost our trust in news media.  Facts have become fiction.  Thinking has become paranoid.  In the age of Trump, many of us don’t know what to believe. 


Here is an outline of a few traits that guide many of us, whether we are republicans or democrats.  How we choose to use these traits and to what degree, will help guide us in whichever direction we think is best for our nation.

Since comfort and progression rarely agree, these traits help balance the tough decisions we will face:



Do you value loyalty and if so, how much? 

Are you passionate? 

Are you involved? 

Do you hold honor in commitment?



What do you honor most? 

If there is opposition, how hard will you fight? 

Do you stand up for what you believe in every time? Most of the time? Some of the time? On what basis?



Is it weak to back down?

Is toughness the same as strength?

Are emotions hindering or helpful during conflict?



Do you want to follow a political party and everything they stand for, or do you want to define how our country behaves under the ethics most valuable for success?  

There is always more than one choice.


Published by Rebecca Lee

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