Melody BitterSweet and The Girls Ghostbusting Agency by Kitty French Review

Melody Bittersweet can see dead people. It is something she has been able to do her whole life, and everyone else in her family can do too. So after turning 27 she decides to branch out and open her own ghost busting agency with the help of her best friend Marina.

Suddenly she has her first case, to solve a murder and help three ghosts move on. All while avoiding her ex, and the nosy reporter who think her family are all hacks. Whilst avoiding being set up on dates by her mother, and helping train her new ghost buster apprentice.


Ghosts? Romance? Murder? Mystery? Dogs? Italian biscuits? Pugs? Did I mention ghosts? Melody Bittersweet is everything you need in a book.

From the first chapter this book had me laughing out loud and in love with the characters. Each of the characters you meet are completely individual, with their own sets of quirks and personalities and I loved every single one of them. It is definitely a weakness of mine when you can tell the author has gone out of their way to craft characters that are relatable and all so different from each other. From Melody's sugar addiction to her Grandmothers champagne habit, I loved all the minor details.

Also the focus on female friendship in this book is something I loved! Melody and Marinas friendship was very real to me, as that is how me and my best friends act with each other. And the fact that their friendship is the main relationship in the book was another big sell for me. Although the 'love triangle' was still great, and I put quotes because i'm not sure if the tensions around Leo/Melody/Fletch count as a love triangle. Either way I loved how the relationships were presented to us and how they developed over the book. Another thing I really enjoyed was the focus on Melody's actual familial relationships and her 'found family' she creates at the agency. Both are considered important and have their roles in her life and I think it is important to showcase both of these kinds of relationships in books.

The main plot of the book is a murder mystery that Melody has to solve. I wont go into too much detail, because it is better to read the book and have it all unfold as you read. But the pacing and writing of the plot I thought was fantastic. Originally I thought they would solve the case within a few chapters and the book would contain several cases, but i'm very glad I was wrong, as having only one case to focus on allows this book to be very character driven but without taking away from the plot. And I laughed, and I got emotional and I loved the conclusion to this particular case.

My only concerns with the book were at the beginning it seemed a little repetitive for the first three chapters. With several references to Marina's ethnicity, how much Melody did not like Leo, and how single Melody currently was. But after the first three chapters the references slowed down and I wasn't concerned anymore. Also on a personal note, for the first half of the book I wasn't sure which guy I was supposed to root for, and usually I can tell within a few pages, but they both just seemed awful for a while that I thought maybe there was no romance. But then they got better so I've officially picked my guy for the 'triangle' and I want to see how it goes.

Overall I am going to give Melody Bittersweet a 4/5 stars. I laughed SO MUCH during reading this. I would be on the bus home and start giggling that other passengers would turn to look at me. But it is definitely a laugh out loud book. It is well written and contains enough mystery to keep you turning pages. I highly recommend, especially for people who cannot loved the new Ghost-busters!  I cannot wait for the sequel to this book and the minute I get a release date for the sequel it is going in my calendar.

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