Take A Day Off!

The older you get the more your days off are never actually 'days off'. 

Your weekends consist of errands and jobs that you cannot do during the week because you are working. Your evenings are spent planning the next day. Even time you spend actually reading or watching TV or socialising with friends you're internally going over To-Do lists.

Basically there are no breaks.

So i'm here to tell you to take a day off. A real one. An actual day off.

Sounds impossible right?

I recently had a friend go through a stressful time and I could tell it was all getting to her. So my advice to her was to take a day off from being a grown up. Don't go to work, don't do any form of 'adulting' whatsoever. No errands, no cleaning, nothing that is on your To-Do list. 

Just stay in and chill out. Browse the internet, watch Netflix, read a book. Anything. And don't feel guilty about it. 

Now that's the tricky part for most people. They can't get out of their heads long enough to actually relax. Which is why you do need to pick your day off carefully. Do it at a time when you know everything can wait until tomorrow. And don't take these actual days off from life often. Otherwise everything WILL pile up and you will stress yourself out more.

Once every few months is usually good. I take one when I can feel myself burning out, I know the signs in myself now. So I take a day of my weekend, and I don't go out, I watch TV and I read my books and that is my entire plan for the day. I'm not constantly thinking about getting out of bed soon and doing a bunch of jobs. Just all day of doing nothing. But knowing tomorrow I will be back to doing everything I need to do. 

I think a lot of people could benefit from this. Just letting your mind have the day off. We get to the point where the things that we use to relax or de-stress just make us more stressed because we are thinking of all the other things we should be doing, and the guilt just eats us up.

So this is me, letting you know, maybe you're due a day off.

I hope you enjoy it.

Published by Rebecca McCandless

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