ADVANTAGES of Going to an Economics High School

I’m not very familiar with other countries’ educational system. In Romania, at the moment, the pupils give an exam in the 8th grade (at Romanian, Mathematics and those who want to go to a bilingual high school give an additional exam). Based on their average score and the average general school score, they opt for a number of high schools. Each high school has a minimum average that the student must have to be able to enter.

In my country, the ones who go to an Economic high school are not cool. But I’m not going to let public opinion dictate the choices in my life. Now, this situation might not be the case in your country. It’s not that it’s easy to enter an elite economics high school, but they tend to be looked down on by parents in comparison to philology and math-informatics high schools.

But my wish was to enter a high school high school and I did it. This is my last year, so I think I have the right and experience to pinpoint the advantages of going to such a high school.

Let’s start, shall we?

  • You learn a lot of practical things
  • The subjects you study help you in the future to better understand national and global economy
  • You study law, commercial contracts, entrepreneurship, which can be a base for your future business
  • You get a diploma with which you can work as soon as you finish school (primary accounting)
  • You can keep your accounting for an online business
  • You have a vast knowledge on both cultural and practical matters
  • You can easily enter an Economy University

What do you think about the advantages offered by this type of school? Would you go to it?

Have inspiration,

Rebecca Radd

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