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My fitness journey began back in 2013. I have always had a passion for fitness, nutrition, and overall health, but my crazy life of school, work and dance classes seemed to take up all my time. In college, I ran a lot, but was somewhat afraid of lifting too many weights. I didn’t want to become “bulky”. I decided start with low weight and start little by little, but it wasn’t before long that I was hooked.

I went nuts…I loved weights now! I was constantly finding new routines and exercises to try, and even started weighted cardio (my favorite). My stress level decreased and I felt like I had a lot more energy. Fitness became my outlet. It always made me feel better. I worked out when I was happy, mad, upset, nervous, bored, you name it. It wasn’t before long, though, that I started getting burnt out. I had to slow down, and it felt like I was slacking off. I needed to find the balance of working out, eating the right amount of nutrients, and getting the right amount of rest my body needed.

All this didn’t come without other challenges though. The hardest to deal with are people’s judgements and criticism. A lot of people thought that I was sick, doing too much, or not being knowledgeable enough. These criticisms came from people who were looking for any excuse as to why I was succeeding and becoming happier with myself. I tried not to pay too much attention to these people, and focused on the ones that have supported me through it all

It took some time, but I found that balance. Ever since I found the balance my life is so much better. I’m enjoying things more, enjoying the rest days, and enjoying foods guilt-free. My goal now is to share my experience, and to help others find their balance to living a happy, healthy life that we all deserve.

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