Difference Between Convent School and English Medium School

Difference Between Convent School and English Medium School

Difference Between Convent School and English Medium School

Jan 2, 2022, 3:11:52 PM News

Many of us believe that Convent school comes with discipline and teaching together. On the other hand, English medium schools also offer quality education. Often, parents from Christianity feel confused about choosing between them. But, being a non-Christina, did you know the difference?

In Bangladesh, you’ll find numerous English medium schools in Gulshan. And, truly, a handful of them would be the top ones in the country. No need to mention, the list has a number of Convent schools. It’s not a surprise during a child’s admission standing in the queue to think about the variance.

I can understand how a person gets into 2 right options yet needs some confidence to decide. So, why not help you by showing the contrast?

Difference between Convent school and English medium school

So here it goes….


In this sub-continent, the starting of Convent schools and English medium schools are almost at the same time- 1835 and 1842. But there were Convent schools before that in Europe (500-1000AD).


Lets’ know first what ‘Convent’ means. The word denotes to form a religious community. The people spending their whole life and devoting themselves to religion are known as monks. Convent Schools are the educational institutions managed by the monks.

The parents who want a religious education for their children send them to Convent schools.

On the other hand, an English medium school (most of the time) has a very easy definition- where the medium of teaching language is English. These schools are found in countries where English is not the first language.

The basic motive that brings students to English medium school is to study in British curriculum and get international recognition with quality education.

Religious Views and Education System

The main objective of a Convent school is to spread religious knowledge and build a religious foundation. And that is based on Catholic belief.

On the other hand, an English medium school can be religious or non-religious. There are many English medium schools in Dhaka which offer Islamic education.

The Convent education system only permits religious studies. English medium schools stick to the British curriculum (Cambridge Pathway). Apart from religion, there are multidisciplinary subjects for the English medium students.

Tuition Fees

The usual conception about English medium school is that it’s expensive. A significant number of students come from the upper class.

A Convent school has no reason to do business with their institution. Not business vision, but the focus on spreading religious teachings has kept the fees lower at Convent schools.

Moral Values and Discipline

Convent schools offer the environment to grow with morality and nobility with a much stricter system than the conventional schools. It’s not for the students only. The nuns- the teachers of these schools are not allowed to marry and have children.

English medium schools are comparatively liberal with the vision to nurture and develop intellectual and mental capacity. An English medium school has a familiar environment like every part of the society but in an arranged way.

Teachers and students

The teachers in Convent schools are nuns who teach only religion. As mentioned earlier, they lead their life being isolated from society. They have a very kind and generous approach towards the students. It is found that the teachers and the students of Convents schools are found very calm and well-behaved.

English medium teachers are experts in specific subjects individually they teach. Their teaching fields are based on modern studies.

Unlike Convent schools, the students are not necessarily that affable. As it’s about education, both the institutions aim is to nourish the best in the students from their perspectives.

Last words

Now you know the difference between Convent school and English medium school. It’s time to find the right one for your child if they are 6 years old and no more only toys!

So, what do you want your child to be in the future? Of course, a successful and compassionate one. For that, both religious and modern knowledge is vital. To build up a person’s life, school plays a key role. In fact, real education begins after school life is complete because a long more way to go.

For this happy ending, the very inception has to be assiduous. Choosing the right school is the most important and elemental step. I wish you good luck with that. And, lastly, don’t be confused next time assuming a Convent school as an English medium school.


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