4 Issues That will Affect Your Canadian Citizenship Application

4 Issues That will Affect Your Canadian Citizenship Application

4 Issues That will Affect Your Canadian Citizenship Application

Dec 27, 2021, 3:50:57 PM Life and Styles

Whether it’s relocating for a new way of living, or the hope of a better life, be it financial or amenities – Canada has been one of the most desired countries. The government of Canada always has a welcoming and dilated door for migrants worldwide.

So, there is no reason to avoid the opportunity to start a new life with a new vision and aspiration. Therefore, tour de Canada! But, it’s frustrating that some people are already in trouble. There are a couple of reasons why their citizenship application turns out to be jeopardized. 

We are here to discuss those major fours among all the reasons one ought to sense and beware before it’s too late.

The 4 issues that will affect your Canadian citizenship application

Those expecting to move to Canada should not turn their blind eye to the necessary information. But how? Surrey Citizenship Lawyers are there for you to answer all your questions and guide you on what you didn’t know but must.

The first 3 issues are taken from the Citizenship Act.


It’s one of the severe punishments worldwide because of serious crimes. Dramatically, the number of prisoners around the world is increasing. Some countries are also facing problems accommodating the prisoners.

The authority of Canada has extra scrutiny for those who are serving imprisonment for a term. Their case runs under the Citizenship Act, and their way to Canadian citizenship is not easy. That also includes the people who are on probation or parole.

This limitation is the same for the people imprisoned inside or outside Canada.

Also, in some cases, one may lose their Canadian citizenship if they are engaged in any serious crime like terrorism.

Under removal order

A removal order is a notice on somebody entitled to leave the country. If the person is unable to do that within a particular time period, there will be a Canada-wide warrant on their name. This arrest order by the CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency) can keep you in detention until removal from the country.

After the removal order, it’s better to contact an immigration lawyer immediately. 

3 types of removal orders are there- Departure Order (IMM 5238), Exclusion Order (IMM 1214B), and Deportation Order (IMM 5238B).

Canadian citizenship application refused due to misrepresentation

It’s at the top of the list of enough reasons to be rejected after a citizenship application. There are 3 types of misrepresentation. These are innocent misrepresentation, fraudulent misrepresentation, and negligent misrepresentation. 

Any misrepresentation can occur by a family member or representative. It sometimes turns out to be critical enough to get a ban for 5 years on entering Canada. Thus, a little mistake may create a colossal barrier towards obtaining Canadian citizenship. 

But, that’s not THE END always. A person can apply for Canadian Citizenship if there is no such massive ban. Do the double-check before submitting a paper, filling up the forms, verify by yourself and other associates.

Undoubtedly, it’s a good idea to prepare everything in the required and accurate way with your own responsibility. That will help a person to avoid sudden bad news.

Insufficient Language skills, increase of fees, administrative issues

It’s mandatory to have sufficient language efficiency in English or French, and the applicant must reach CLB 4 (Canadian Language Benchmarks Level 4). English or French as a foreign language is tough to attain for some people.

Additionally, increasing some fees regarding immigration to Canada and language tests might be there. It’s not a new thing to encounter delays due to administrative obstacles. It can occur any time due to negligence, a load of work or other technical cases and last for a prolonged duration. No doubt, it’s frustrating to go through the process.

One should stop thinking too much and re-think wisely. There is always something that we have no control over. So, the immigrants can prepare at the best and interim what they are good at.


Canada is among the countries that offer easy citizenship. It’s worth investing your time behind on the dream to be a Canadian one day. The government is well-known to serve its nationals with the best modern facilities and good governance.

Nearly situated in the North Pole, Canada offers you its enormous natural beauties and diversity along with developed-country facilities. You can be one of the happy faces. But, it’ll take your time. Gain knowledge like you have on 4 issues that will affect your Canadian citizenship application.

Good luck on your new journey!

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